"Indian elections are not personality clashes. It's the party system. Our politics runs on party system," Union Minister and senior party leader Jairam Ramesh said.

When asked if Congress should have projected Rahul as the party's prime ministerial candidate, he said, "Absolutely not. We were very clear that Rahul Gandhi is not going to be declared the prime ministerial candidate. Unlike BJP, the Congress campaign has not been individual centric.”

"There is hype for Modi. But there is no hype for BJP. BJP has been completely marginalised. It's 'vote for Modi'. They have only one-point agenda," he added.

According to the minister, in the parliamentary form of government, elections are based on contest between parties, their ideologies, history, programmes and pledges.

"Okay. There were giants like Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, who perhaps in more ways make a party and have stature much greater than the party. But ultimately, it's the Congress. Our strategy has always been 'let's focus on the party'," Ramesh said.

Meanwhile, Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh also said, "We never done. We never declared PM candidate...it's never done."

The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister, however, noted, "In the 2009 elections, we had an incumbent Prime Minister. So, Sonia Gandhi declared him as the prime ministerial candidate. Now, he has voluntarily stepped out of the race."


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