Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Thursday said that not everything in China was worth copying, though some things were.
On his return from a nine-day visit to China where he took part in the Word Economic Forum's meeting, the Chief Minister said, "There is no doubt that China has done remarkably well when it comes to creation of infrastructure and inviting investments from abroad."
Unlike India, there was no democracy in China and government there did not have to face elections every five years, Chouhan said.
Also, he noted, there was no media to criticise the government, as China had a government-controlled media which reported only what it was asked to.
Talking about a ride on a bullet train, he said he travelled nearly 120 km in just 27 minutes, which was quite remarkable.
Chouhan also said that much of the investment in China had taken place with the assistance of Singapore; and latter had shown interest in making investments in Madhya Pradesh.
Chouhan said contrary to his expectations, English was not the dominant language at the WEF meet.
The Chief Minister said the Chinese spoke in their own language, the delegates from Japan used Japanese, and he himself spoke in Hindi, which was appreciated.
Chouhan said he felt privileged to represent India at this international meet.