London: Despite of having an enviable figure, socialite Kim Kardashin admits that she is still troubled by wiggly thighs and cellulite.

The reality TV star says that she practices exercise seven days a week but despite her rigorous work out regime, she continues  to have body insecurities and her love of food does not help the matters.

"Of course I struggle with insecure moments. I wish I didn't. But I love to eat! Especially sweets. And I'll say it. I think my thighs are wiggly and I have cellulite. Now let's move on!," Kardashian said.

Kardashian says her motivation for staying trim is seeing herself in a bikini which gives her tenacity to exercise rigorously.
"When I'm in LA I exercise every day. I'm in the best shape of my life. Of course, I'm a perfectionist, so there's always room for improvement... After working out, I see a difference in my butt and thighs and my clothes fit a little differently, too. I'm also really proud of how toned my arms are," said Kim.

Kardashian also blasts rumours that she took help from plastic surgery to perfect her body.

"Rumours don't bother me anymore. I've read that I've had my lips done. I've always had big lips. Look at my baby pictures. It's ridiculous. Or they'll show one picture of me today and one tomorrow and say I've had my nose done in between," she added.