DD's best performer last season, Duminy was honest enough to admit that they played pretty lousy cricket and the biggest challenge will be to find what combination works for the team instantly.
"Obviously, last season, we were very bad in a lot of areas. This season, we want to rectify that. I am pretty excited with calibre of players we have this season. We have to figure out, how we go about first up as its a little disadvantage for us trying to figure out combination," the skipper said after turning up in a practice game at Palam ground.
Duminy said that it is a "disadvantage" as some of the other teams are "well settled and structured".
But the Proteas left-hander tried to put up a brave face stating that "it's exciting to find fresh faces with new energy".
The team's highest scorer last season feels that it's nice to have multiple options with bat and ball, which the team lacked last season.
"Nice to have so many options with bat and ball. I think, that is where we lacked a little bit last year as we didn't have too many options. Neither with bat nor with ball. That's something I am looking forward to this year. We have a lot of new faces, so we have to understand the combination that works for the team this year," said Duminy.
Daredevils management's decision to go for veterans Yuvraj Singh and Zaheer Khan has raised a lot of eyebrows and Duminy also had to field queries regarding the ageing duo. His replies were cautious when asked about how he can afford two slow players in the field.
"I don't think it's a problem. If I look at myself at what I was 10 years ago, it would always seem that I was much better back then.
"But it's understanding the dynamics of the game and understanding who is best suited for what position. Those two players will offer lot in terms of experience, in my opinion, they are good enough to field anywhere. Most players, including myself, will feed off their knowledge," said Duminy.
He had a lot of good words for Zaheer Khan.
"You don't have to really say a lot about Zaheer. His record speaks for itself. The amount of cricket he has played over the years, you can't take that away from him. His experience will be crucial not only for team but also for a captain like me," said Duminy.

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