Admitting that people from the Minority community do have reservations about Narendra Modi, LJP chief Paswan said that his party's commitment to secularism and socialism remain unchanged.

The alliance with BJP happened as "there was no option left for us" after Congress and RJD "humiliated" the party, he said.

"There are no two opinions that we made last-ditch efforts to remain within UPA. (But) when I felt I was not required there, I went with the party decision to look for an alternative. LJP's Parliamentary Board asked me whether my personal emotions were more important than the interests of the party. (But) it is also a fact that the decision to ally with BJP had my nod," he said.

Detailing the circumstances which forced him to join NDA, Paswan said that while RJD leaders were talking about giving only two or three seats to LJP, despite his best efforts and a meeting with Sonia Gandhi, Congress did not take the initiative to sew together a workable Congress-RJD-LJP alliance in Bihar.

LJP general secretary Abdul Khaliq and himself till the last moment kept withstanding "pressure" from the rank and file of the party for aligning with BJP, Paswan said.

He also alleged that secular parties like RJD, Congress and JD (U) had not agreed to support his demand for a Muslim chief minister in Bihar after the February, 2005, Assembly polls.

Paswan, who was also a minister in the NDA government led by Atal Bihari Vajpayee, said that while a number of measures for Dalit welfare were taken by that regime, not much had happened under UPA.

He said that BJP has promised to fulfill the long-pending demands of Dalits for a Scheduled Caste Sub Plan and promotion in reservation.

"When we put these demands before BJP, we got a positive response and hence the decision (to ally with BJP)," he said.

Athavale said that his Republican Party of India would "walk out" of NDA if attempts were made to induct Raj Thackeray's MNS into the BJP-led alliance.

"If a decision is taken to bring Thackeray into NDA, RPI will walk out of it. There is no need in Maharashtra to bring Raj Thackeray," he said.

Former BJP chief Nitin Gadkari had met Thackeray in Maharashtra a few days back and asked him not to divide the anti-UPA votes.

NDA ally Shiv Sena has attacked Gadkari over the meeting.


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