Talking to reporters here Singh said, he believed "Rahul is a dynamic young leader with a vision for the party and the nation."

Singh clarified that he had only cited that given the personality driven politics prevailing in the country on Tuesday, Sonia Gandhi was doing an excellent job.

"Nowhere, whether on the television or in the print media have I ever opposed Rahul Gandhi's elevation as the Congress president," he added.

Rahul had not only made his point but scored a point in the Parliament while raising the issues related to farmers, Singh said.

Earlier, on April 11, Amarinder Singh had said that the leadership should remain with Sonia Gandhi as a generational change cannot be done with a knife.

"You cannot just make a generational change with a knife and cut them through. You have to gain experience by individually meeting people across the country and maintain people-to-people contact,"  Singh had said.

He insisted that people should gain experience and move upwards as "raw people cannot move upwards".

"Let Rahul be number 2 and play that role to eventually take over the party later," he said.

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