Officials have recently begun the investigation once again from scratch and several people, including the hotel's staff where Sunanda was found dead and the personal staff of Tharoor, who was then a Union Minister, have been quizzed in recent days.
"Our inquest proceeding are pending because we have not reached any conclusion and it is very important for us to do every possible thing so that we can understand all the aspects and reach a conclusion. And to understand those circumstances, whatever needed, will be done," said Delhi Police Commissioner B S Bassi.
Asked where the probe was headed and when would the viscera samples be sent abroad for forensic tests, Bassi said, "I would not like to go into the specifics, I would not like to discuss the nitty gritties but I would like to ensure you that whatever needed will be done in the case."
"We would do whatever necessary to satisfy the curiosity that everyone has and also take the legal course in the case," he added.
Asked whether Tharoor will be questioned in the case, Bassi said, "See, I don't talk about future possibilities but whatever would be necessary I will do it."
The Delhi Police Commissioner also asked people not to believe what all is being reported in the media and go by only what is being officially said.
Sources had yesterday indicated that police were considering sending the viscera samples to forensic laboratories abroad to determine the type of poison that is suspected to have caused her death.
The AIIMS medical board had, in its second report submitted to police recently, confirmed poisoning as the reason behind her death but did not mention the type of poison that caused her death.
As of now, the police have asked the AIIMS panel of doctors to redo their investigation and name the poison which caused Sunanda's death but if it fails to do so, the samples will then be sent abroad.

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