Kolkata: In the first Bengali flick shot extensively in Asia’s largest slum Dharavi chawl, ‘Boss’ director Baba Yadav on Monday said a sequel could be possible once the original masala-realistic genre film clicked.

"I had to shoot Boss in Mumbai - capturing both its high rises and chawls - as I was born in the neighbourhood of don Arun Gawli’s empire at Dongri Chawl, Mahalakshmi area. I know these places and its people, the street brawls and clashes and also camaraderie," Baba said.

Narrating how he had captured the Dharavi labyrinths in Boss, Baba said "The seven km long chawl, which can be viewed as your flight meanders through the Mumbai skyline, becomes another character in my film."

"Dharavi is a sensitive area and you have to see it to believe Jeet's popularity even there as we shot the sequences in the chawl and also took top angle view from a high-rise in Nariman point to capture the Queen's Necklace, Marine Drive and all the surrounding pockets of Mumbai," the choreographer-turned-director said about the film jointly produced by Jeet's Grassroot Entertainment and Reliance.

“I think perhaps the city of Mumbai did not appear in such a gritty as well as enchanting way in any Bengali film so far," he said. He said there were a lot of action sequences with the chawl backdrop which is a take-off from the real life skirmishes in the area in the earlier years.

"I know Mumbai left and right. I know how much action can be important in a film based on Mumbai gangster world. And here all the actions were Hollywood type with no body double used. And yes Boss II can be a possibility once Boss clicks," he said.

On casting Jeet as Boss, who is there to rule Mumbai, Baba said “Our ties date back to Bandhan days when I was first introduced to him. And Boss being an attitude film I couldn’t think about anybody else.”

Asked what he meant by attitude film, Baba said, “Boss is a young generation flick. See these days all children are born with attitude. Everybody has his own attitude. Boss has a crispy storyline, talking about real emotions between mother, brother, sister, on human bonding, but over and above the film has an attitude – in stylization, in choreography, in fleshing out characters and in mannerisms.”

The film, having its first poster look unveiled in the compound of the centuries old Kalighat temple at Jeet’s initiative, will be released this August.


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