The 'Sasural Genda Phool' actor married Pooja on February 18 this year.
"I am spending time with Pooja these days. I don't want to get back to the daily soaps for a while because it consumes a lot of time. I am getting offers but I am not doing them. For the time being, I want to do something which should be unique and less time consuming," Jay said.
The actor, who was last seen on 'Sanskaar -Dharohar Apnon Ki', is returning back to hosting with new game show 'Dil Hai Chotasa Chotisi Aasha'. The show has got only women contestants.
"I took up this show because I found the concept different and interesting. It's an all women show and I have immense respect for them. I feel lucky that through me they are getting their wishes fulfilled," Jay said.
On the Sony Pal's show, these female contestants can earn money by simply giving the right answers to questions posed to them.
Jay would also be teaming up with his 'Sasural Genda Phool' co-star Ragini Khanna, who will also be hosting the show with him.
Jay says the experience of collaborating with her again was 'superb'.
"As it was a reality show, we did not need any onscreen chemistry and we could just be ourselves on it. It was a superb experience to work with her again," he added.

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