Mumbai: Actress Asin Thottumkal says she is not keen on pursuing many films at a time as she is not under any "financial pressure", but is rather fastidious when it comes to finalising the offers that come her way.
Asin, who made her Bollywood debut against Aamir Khan in 2008 blockbuster 'Ghajini', for the first time has two releases featuring her this year.
"It is just my pace of work, even down south I haven't been very prolific with my work and just take up lots of multiple projects. It is not a conscious decision that I will work on one film at a time. I look at offers if they offer me nice time working on it...I look for a good team of people to work with, nice script and role..If all this fits in then I take it (project) up," Asin said.
After her Bollywood debut, the gorgeous actress also starred in 'London Dreams' and 'Ready' opposite Ajay Devgn and Salman Khan, respectively.
"So I am not under any sort of financial pressure to take up so many films and make so much money," the 26-year-old said.
Asin, who has done only three Hindi films since 2008, says she is not an insecure person and hence does not take up whatever comes her way.
"I am not insecure that if I don't do certain amount (of) work in a particular time period then I am going to be nowhere; as people do give you mental stress out of mind (sic)," she said.
The Kochin-born model-cum-actress, who started her career with a Malayalam movie, says she is rather choosy about the offers she get.