"It's that time of the year. Time for blessings from the Mighty Ganesha... of the celebration and the immersion till the late hours of the night. The crowds by the roadway in front of the house crammed with devotees and their idols in colour and music and dance and screaming...," Big B shared on his official blog.

He always relates "such times to the times when those that visit our country from beyond".

"What they would feel and think? Christmas, Easter, 4th of July... what? Nothing but nothing compares anywhere in the world to the atmosphere in India of festivals. Plural because any foreigner would think this land celebrates festivals every alternate day. In truth, it actually does," the 72-year-old added.

The "Piku" star believes celebration is required."Despite all that we see and hear about us... the pain and the misery, the violence and the untoward, the world over... we here become immune. The world is involved in many aspects of its existence, but life is beautiful after all and needs celebration at every given moment. It's not so bad after all," wrote Big B.


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