The buildings include residences, hotels, a hospital and certain shops of a market. The action will be taken against those, who do not abide by the norms within 15 days.

In the notices issued to the owners of these buildings on the recommendation of Chief Fire Officer, they have been asked to explain why they had not constructed the buildings according to the rules of the fire department, District Magistrate Roshan Jacob said in a statement here.

The city has around 500 multi-storeyed buildings, of which around 100 are such that have not been built in accordance with the rules of the fire department.

Apart from these, there are others whose plans have not been approved by Kanpur Development Authority (KDA).     

The fire department is checking the multi-storeyed buildings of the city and till now, it has found residential buildings along with eight hotels, one hospital and 11 market shops, in which fire department rules have not been complied with. Hence, a 15- day notice has been issued to them, the statement said.

The number of such buildings can increase because the fire department is checking all the multi-storeyed buildings of the city.


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