The latest blog of Congress leader Digvijaya Singh has created a novel problem for Home Minister P Chidambaram, who was caught in the 2G-quagmire off late. The way Singh has pointed fingers towards the Home Minister while analyzing the internal security situation in the country, clearly shows that Chidambaram does not enjoy unwinking support within the party and the government. The Congress had to come out openly defend Chidambaram stating that not everything is hunky dory within the party. There might be truth in Prime Minister’s statement but he had, and he has always, faith in Chidambaram both as Home Minister and his previous stint as Finance Minister. But the same is not true about other ministers and leaders of the Congress. Had it not been the case, what was the need for Chidambaram to send a note to the PMO making Chidambaram responsible for flouting the auction route for allotting 2G spectrum allocation? Despite the matter being sub-judice, the government and the party will have to answer the questions being raised after Pranab’s note which has become public now. It is surprising that on one hand Chidambaram is being portrayed as one of the important pillars of the government, on the other, he is being targeted by his cabinet colleagues and party leaders. Digvijaya Singh’s blog is a point in case. Chidambaram has been criticized by the Congress General Secretary even in the past. Recently, Digvijaya had slammed the Home Minister for his approach towards fight against Naxalism. The Congress forfeits its right to criticise the Opposition for attacking the Home Minister, if he is being targeted by his own party men. What kind of integrity the Congress has displayed that is reflecting internal bickering in the party?

It is disappointing that the government is not being able to defend Chidambaram on any front. While it is extending all support to Chidambaram, it is not able to perceive the discontent brewing against him within the party. The Government’s stand of defending Chidambaram in the Supreme Court over his role in 2G spectrum case further raises several questions. In view of new revelations, it is difficult to comprehend a the relevance of the government’s stand of advising the Apex Court not to have a tough stand. It is fully justified that the court answered the government’s objections in the same language but the Government’s argument proved weak, however the Supreme Court does not require monitoring the 2G case any further as chargesheet was filed and now only the trial court has the jurisdiction to hear the case. The contrary stand of the CBI on this issue exposed the lack of reasoning in the government’s argument. Only one conclusion could be drawn from the ongoing developments where nobody else but the government itself has invited the new found trouble.