"Although everybody is working towards getting the VJM08 to the next test session in Barcelona, it is more likely the new car will appear at the final Barcelona test. So, that would mean running the 2014 car at the first Barcelona test," the team said in a statement.

The second test is scheduled in Barcelona from February 19-22 and final one begins February 26.

Speaking more on situation facing the Silverstone-based team, deputy team principal Robert Fernley told Autosport: "Given the workload and timescales involved, it is now looking more difficult to make the first Barcelona test.

"Everybody is pushing to try to make it happen, but it is far more likely the VJM08 will run at the final Barcelona test at the end of February.

"That means we will use the 2014 car at the next test. The mileage on the VJM07 will still allow us to run with the 2015 Pirelli compounds," Fernley added.

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