Mumbai: You may not know who Noor Inayat Khan was but LA-based filmmaker Zafar Hai is planning to re-introduce the former real-life spy to the world though his future project. The director-producer has acquired the film rights from UK-based author Shrabani Basu to adapt her book on Noor into a feature film.

On being asked what fascinated him about Noor, Zafar states, “Hers is a short-lived but extraordinary story. She was a Sufi who believed in non-violence but somehow found herself in the throes of violence.

She was the last living link between Nazi-occupied France and England. Besides, Noor was as Indian as she was French or British,” says the director who helmed The Perfect Murder (1988) starring Naseeruddin Shah and Stellan Skarsgard. Speaking on the casting process for his film, Hai says, “There will be a lot of Indian faces!”

Female Bond?

Born in Moscow, Noor Inayat Khan was a published writer before the outbreak of Second World War. When France was overrun by German troops, Noor became a spy and rejected an offer to return to Britain and continued to transmit messages between London and Paris. Ultimately captured by the Nazis, she was sent to Dachau concentration camp where she died at the age of 30.

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