London: Researchers have created a teddy bear robot that wraps its arms around you and monitors your blood pressure.
The 'HugBot' has a somewhat goofy grin and while it offers you a bear-hug its internal microphones pick up your pulse and give an early warning if it spots something unusual.
The robot grabs people in a bear-hug for around five or six seconds, and it can sense when someone is close by and expecting a warm, cuddly check-up, the Daily Mail reported.
The Taiwanese designers UrRobot told the robot blog site Plastic Pals that they want to see HugBot installed in schools, playgrounds and children's hospitals, in a bid to share some love and some medical data.
HugBot was presented at the Taipei International Robot Show 2012.
Earlier this year, a 37 pounds Hugvie was demonstrated to robot fans - a 'huggable robotic pillow-phone' which has its own heartbeat and internal vibrators - and then matches these to the caller's voice.
The vibrations become faster and stronger depending on the pitch and volume of your conversation.


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