Melbourne: A Japanese watchmaker has launched a smartwatch that not only tests sobriety with a built-in game, but tests blood alcohol level with a breath analyser built in it.

Tokyoflash's Kisai Intoxicated watch has a breathalyser hidden beneath what looks like a watch dial and can be used to rate the wearer's blood alcohol level from .001 per cent to as high as .2 per cent.

If a person wants to test their sobriety then they must unscrew the watch dial, then wait while its alcohol sensor heats up, and then blow into the outlet from a distance of just 2cm.

The watch's display, to the right of its LCD screen, shows three levels of drunkenness. No alcohol earns a green light, if .001 to .06 shows then it is classified as getting drunk and is indicated by a yellow light, and results of .061 up to .2 are officially classified as drunk and show a red light.


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