Washington: In an unapologetically, bubblegum pink color scheme with the LBD -- little black dress -- as its logo and a six-pack designed to look like a purse, the latest beer marketed for dainty female drinkers has caught the attention -- and indignation -- of lady blogs.

A post on Jezebel.com this week titled "Chick Beer: Ugh, Really?" called the concept "offensive" in reference, perhaps, to the sales pitch on Chick Beer's website: "We love Chick Flicks, Chick Lit, and now we can love Chick Beer!! Enjoy!"

The upstart from Maryland is the latest brewer to try and lure female beer swiggers with promises of low-calorie, smoother, lighter and less carbonated brews to prevent the pesky side effects of bloating.

Carlsberg and Molson Coors also recently launched girlie beers, with Copenhagen and Animee respectively. Copenhagen is wheat malt and rice-based beer, while Animee is described as a "lightly sparkling and finely filtered" beer that also comes in pink 'rose' and zesty lemon flavors.
Chick Beer also donates five percent of all profits to charities that empower women.