Ahmedabad, Jan 03 (Agencies): Database of numerous criminals will now be a click away for Gujarat police, as the State Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), Gandhinagar here has taken up an ambitious project to link up all the police stations across the state, in what is being considered as the watershed project in crime detection.

The pet project of the Home department being implemented for the first time in the country in Gujarat has been launched in Ahmedabad in the first phase and will be implemented in other parts of the state by next year-end, DFS officials said.

"The database of criminals will be a click away for police officials of the state, once this project is complete," Deputy Director of DFS M S Daihya said.

"Through this project police will save a lot of crucial time in obtaining criminal background of the offender, it will be of great help in detection of new crime and also help in updating our data of new criminals online," Daihya said.

"We have started installing 'live scan device' in police stations of Ahmedabad city. This device can scan the finger prints of the criminal caught by the police and transmit it to our server here online where we have stored the database of over four lakh criminals," he said.

"In a few minutes, our server will revert and provide detailed criminal background of the person to the police official," Daihya said.

"If a crime is committed, be it homicide or theft or any other kind of crime, DFS officials go to the spot and collect details including fingerprints. Once the fingerprints are fed to our server we will be able to know who are involved in the crime if he is a repeat offender," DFS Director of finger prints S M Joshi said.