London: A football that generates enough electricity to power a small LED light for three hours after it has been kicked during half an hour game, has been developed in the United States using funds from a crowd funding website named Kickstarter.

The airless ball, named as SOCCKET, harnesses kinetic energy which can then be used as an off-grid power source and its use is being projected in deprived areas of both North and South America.

SOCCKET, which has a small pendulum inside, that harnesses energy by turning a generator connected to a rechargeable battery, is made from water-resistant EVA foam and weighs 17 ounces, one ounce more than a regular football.

According to a statement on Kickstarter, the new football has received overwhelming demand and caught the interest of people since its first trial, adding that it has given the balls to deprived families.

The statement further said that although the current production of SOCCKET has been limited to a few hundred balls a week, with the crowd funding, the website hopes to increase the production to thousands a week which will help them to reach out to more people.


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