According to a news report in a leading news paper, advocate Purnima Bhatia, who was representing the Ministry of External Aaffairs,  said: "Unwed mothers must file an affidavit revealing 'how she concieved' and if 'she was raped', and giving a reason why she does not want the father's name to be included."

Bhatia's statement also surprised the judges, the report said.

She was commenting in a case of a women who had questioned the authority's denial to include her step-father's name in her passport.

"We were wondering what happens in case of unwed mothers?" Justice Kanada, who seemed astounded at the decision, questioned when the court was listening to the case.

This off-the-wall decision of the Union government has created a furore on various social netwroking websites, especially Twitter, with several personages questioning the rationale behind it.

Several Twitteratis expressed their dissatisfaction over the government's decision to ask unwed mothers if they conceived the baby by getting raped while applying for child's passport.

“Dear @PMOIndia @narendramodi. We voted you to take us towards development - in every area. Not backwards,” wrote a Twitter use Nakul Shenoy while also putting the link of the news story in his tweet.

Noted journalist Barkha Dutt also branded the decision as archaic.

“Archaic, revolting misogyny. Courts told an unwed mother has to inform how she conceived & whether she was raped - for a passport @MEAIndia,” tweeted Barkha Dutt.

Even Opposition parties also didn't leave any stones unturned in firing stinging salvos at the government over the issue.

Senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Manish Tewari branded government's decision as 'sad' on Twitter.
AAP leader Ashish Khetan also took a dig at Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj over the issue while also slamming RSS.

“Sad -Foreign Ministry headed by a lady informs court that an unwed mother has to provide proof of conception to get a passport for her child,” wrote  Tewari on Twitter.

“Outrageous stand by Sushma Swaraj's MEA: unwed mother wd hve to tell d govt how she conceived, if she was raped. misogynistic RSS mentality,” Khetan said on Twitter.

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