DDA vice-chairman Arun Goel had announced on September 3 that the housing authorities were working on these applications. Three of these four applications are about giving feedback on sports complexes and golf courses, community halls and housing scheme, while the fourth one will be for DDA's internal project monitoring.

Through the first app, on giving application number, full details of the applicant will appear and then the parameters under two heads -- construction and maintenance can be accessed.

"Under 'construction' feedback, parameters such as seepage, condition of doors, windows, water supply, condition of sanitary, facade of the building, lifts etc can be given; whereas under 'maintenance' head feedback on parameters like grit wash, roof condition etc., can be given," a senior DDA official stated.

The apps are available for download on the official DDA website. Besides, people can register their grievance online as well, as the housing authority has provided web links for the same on the website as well.