Borre Akkersdijk began experimenting with a circular knitting machine a few years ago to knit two layers of fine cotton thread enveloping a synthetic fibre.
Now he has pushed the technique further by running copper wire through the material during the manufacturing process.
The wires can be hooked up to chips and connectivity devices, and he has created two prototype outfits called BB. Suits with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS capabilities, 'Sky News' reported.
"The copper goes in during the manufacturing process, and big spots are left open within the design so we can put chips and stuff in," said Akkersdijk, founder of ByBorre in Amsterdam.
"Wearable technology is really in the beginning stage, and at the moment there are no chips that can be washed," he said.
The suits are unlikely to hit the shops soon as they are bulky due to batteries and processor boards that are hidden in the pockets.