Washington: Huggies has come up with a new product called 'TweetPee' that would send a tweet to the parents if their child has a wet diaper.

It is apparently a small device that looks like a bird, with a sensor that clips to a diaper. When the diaper becomes wet, it alerts the parents by sending a tweet, reported a news channel.

The device works with a 'TweetPee app' that lets parents keep an eye on diaper moisture. The app is also designed to keep count of the average amount of diapers the baby uses. A spokesperson for Kimberly-Clark Corp, which owns Huggies, said that it is a real device, which is only being tested on four parents but the plan is to expand it to 10 by July.

The company said that the device was created to activate the new app, which helps parents monitor their supply of diapers. However, the company does not have any current plans to expand at this time.



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