The added service allows users to send a mapped visual of their exact location so friends can see how far away you are. To use, tap the ‘More' icon or the location pin on at the bottom of the screen. Search for the restaurant and send a map of its location.

Facebook also announced its plan to officially launch Facebook Lite -- a slimmer version of the social networking website for Android that uses less data - that would work well even in poor network conditions.

You may soon also be able to play games over Facebook Messenger as the social networking giant is already in talks with developers for creating games for Messenger.

Facebook had rolled out 'Video calling'  feature in its Messenger app which allows users to avail video calling facility on its mobile messaging platform as well.

Facebook's Messenger app lets you send your friends money, the latest in a crowded field of services aimed at an increasingly wireless and cashless generation.

Services including PayPal, its Venmo unit and the disappearing-photo app Snapchat let you beam money to friends and family using smartphones linked to bank accounts or credit cards.