Shifting gears swiftly from his role as a defender of the government to a sulking nitpicker in his new role in the opposition, Singhvi questioned NDA’s claim of having an inclusive Cabinet, claiming it to be mere an eyewash as around ten states and six Union Territories of the country are not represented in the Council of Ministers.

“Imbalanced and unrepresentative cabinet. 10 states &6 UTs unrepresented in ministry! How is it inclusive,” an aggressive Singhvi questioned on Twitter.

“My state rajasthan where bjp won all has 1 mos! Gujarat also 1! Jharkhand, 12 winners, gets 1 mos; hill states hp and uttkhand both zero!” he added.

“States having total 86 lok sabha seats have zero representation in council of Minister's eg West Bengal, Kerela, uttkhand, hp, etc,” he further said.

Singhvi also questioned the rationale behind allotting the Defence and Finance Ministry to one person (Arun Jaitley) and said it points toward the deficiency of talent in the NDA fold.

He sardonically asked about the mystifying link between Textiles Parliamentary Affairs and Water Resources, which have been given to one person (Santosh Gangwar).

“Which law of physics or chemistry wl tell us organic link between I and b ministry and environment ministry?” Singhvi questioned.

“Wht is mysterious link btwn textiles parliamentary affairs & water resources ? Wht talent deficit in bjp needs clubbing finance & defence?” he further questioned.

Congress takes jibe at Modi’s choice of ministers, questions Smriti Irani’s portfolio

Singhvi did not even spare senior BJP leader and his old nemesis Arun Jaitley for getting two major portfolios despite losing in the general elections.

“The one who loses in the general elections but still gets two Cabinet portfolios is not known as Baazigar but Arun Jaitley,” Singhvi scoffed.

Jaitley lost the first ever Lok Sabha election he contested in the recently concluded polls against former Punjab chief minister Amarinder Singh from the Amritsar constituency.

Singhvi also took potshots at disgruntled NDA ally Shiv Sena for showing open discontent on the day when all the ministers took charge of their respective ministries.

Discontent in the NDA over portfolio allocation came to the fore on Tuesday with Shiv Sena expressing displeasure over being given the Heavy Industries portfolio and seeking an immediate change.

However, the latest development suggests that Shiv Sena leader Anant Geete has finally agreed to take charge of his ministry on Wednesday after his party was placated by NDA leaders.


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