London: A Washington lobbyist-turned-designer has created a white shirt that covers busty women's cleavages and save them from falling prey to men's ogling eyes.

Rochelle Behrens, who describes herself as 'buxom", found that every white shirt she bought tended to gape open during meetings, making her the 'butt of all jokes".

'The one item in a woman's wardrobe that is supposed to project professionalism ends up undermining your credibility," the daily quoted her as saying.

'I wanted it to be youthful, to be fresh. I wanted it to look like myself. I wanted to wear things that were not form-fitting but that were tailored," she added.

The 28-year-old got so frustrated with the ill-fitting corporate shirts that she set out making a shirt that would solve her problem and that of all women like her.

Despite having no experience in fashion designing, Behrens began spending all her free time working on a design and aligning the buttons so they allowed just enough of her cleavage to show, but not too much.

She found a pattern maker in New York who worked with Diane Von Furstenberg, tracked down a manufacturer in Spain and now her shirt is on sale.

'The Shirt' can be purchased via along with Bloomingdales and boutiques and is available in four options, costing between 88 to 94 dollars.

It also includes the classic model and one with tie in a bow around the neck - to ensure no man can even get a peek.