Here, we bring you some easy and painless tips that will help you lose weight in just few days. So, just follow them and see the change.

1. Drink more water:

Drinking water throughout the day helps in proper digestion of food. According to a report, if you drink two glasses of water before meal it can make you feel fuller leading you to eat less.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables:

Intake of fruits and vegetables provides you with required nutrients and fiber to keep you full.

3. Don’t make dinner your heaviest meal:

According to a research, people who eat heavy meals at night lose less weight than people who eat heavy meals during early day. It is because the body digests food differently at different times — and more slowly at night.

4. Take a break from sugary drinks:

If you get rid of sugary drinks in your diet it will help reduce your calorie intake and thus prevent weight gain.

5. Avoid salty foods, sugar free gums:

Last but not the least; you should avoid salty foods, sugar free gum and beans. Eat more fresh fruits, vegetables and unsalted nuts which will in turn help you to feel more energized.

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