Lucknow: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is in a fix over the investigations into the death of former deputy CMO Dr Y S Sachan in the district prison under suspicious circumstances. The CBI has not recovered the original suicide note written by Dr Sachan so far.

Dr Sachan who was accused of committing fraud in the multi-crore National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) died in the Lucknow district jail on June 22, 2011 under mysterious circumstances. Although the circumstantial evidence points fingers towards murder, the prison authorities claim it to be a case of suicide.

According to the sources, the CBI had sent the photocopy of the suicide note to a Forensic Science Lab (FSL) in Delhi for confirming Dr. Sachan’s handwriting. However, the lab report which was received a week ago has failed to yield any tangible results. The forensic lab has now asked for the original suicide note which is yet to be traced by the CBI.

In a bid to find the original suicide note, the CBI following court’s order started frisking the IG prison office but it too went in vain.  The CBI has not been successful in tracing out any other evidence which could substantiate the murder claims and has sought more time from the High Court to examine the entire case.

While the circumstantial evidences hint towards suicide, the post-mortem report of Dr Sachan suggests of murder.