Agra: Another scam has been unearthed in the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) in the state. In a startling revelation made by the CAG team it has been found that some health centers providing 24 hour delivery services fake the birth of babies.

In this regard, fake documents were issued with the name of the mother, the on-call doctors were even called but in reality no child was born.

Calling on on-call doctors

For the delivery process in the health centers, three doctors are required --pediatrics, gynecology and an anesthesiologist. There is a provision of paying Rs 1500 to each of them for one delivery. In regions like Fatehabad, Kirawali, Bah tehsil no doctors were called but fake documents were issued against their names.

What is 24 hour delivery service?

The delivery service provided between evening 8PM to morning 7AM is called 24 hour delivery services. In case of a delivery in this period, a doctor is entitled to get Rs 200, a nurse can get Rs 100 and a Grade D worker can get a payment of Rs 30. According to sources, the delivery timings of the infants born at the evening or morning time were made as a delivery done in this period. Therefore faking the delivery time.

Also, in many cases false vouchers were issued and bill was drawn against it.  

(JPN/ Bureau)