New Delhi: After Indira Gandhi International (IGI) Airport was awarded with the status of a world class airport, plans are afoot to beef up the security arrangements. In this context, NSG commandos will be deployed at Terminal-3 of the airport from July 3.

To maintain the vigil on the activities, a total 3,600 CCTV cameras have been installed within the airport premises. Out of which, 2,000 cameras are operated by CISF for the security arrangement. A senior CISF official said a total of 5,000 CISF personnel have been deployed at the airport.

Despite, several incidents of baggage missing have been reported at Terminal-3. However, CISF officials deny the charges.

According to CISF officials, any passengers carrying others’ luggage is traced with the help of CCTV cameras.

Two days back, a passenger had carried away the baggage of someone else. After the verification process, the passenger was arrested from a hotel room. CISF officials further maintained that if a baggage is left behind at the airport, it is deposited in the office of Airport Manager.

The list of baggage left behind is displayed on the CISF website. As per the norms, the baggage is handed over to passengers after their identity is confirmed.