New Delhi: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said all safety precautions from terrorist threats to the country's nuclear and other sensitive installations have been taken and insisted that mere existence of a threat should not deter the Government from economic, social and technological progress.

"With regard to the threat of terrorists and other elements inimical to our country, we have to adopt a holistic approach ... all security precautions - that are humanly possible - will be in place in safeguarding our nuclear plant as should be the case with all sensitive installations including various irrigation plants...," Singh said during Question Hour in the
Lok Sabha.

Ananth Geete (Shiv Sena) had asked as to what steps the Government was taking to prevent any threat that may arise from the Jaitapur power plant. He had also asked Singh to clarify on terrorist threat to the country's western coast which has been used often by terrorists coming from Pakistan.

"I want to ask the Prime Minister that if there is terrorist attack on a power plant what will our technology do." Geete said.

The Prime Minister dismissed these fears saying, "I think to say that because there is a nuclear threat we must put a stop to country's economic and social progress and technological development, and that we should not make use of new technologies and we should not exploit the potential that exists, I respectfully submit, would be a counsel of despair."

He said Geete's view does not do justice to the country's capabilities to meet the challenges that are on the horizon.

Geete had also rued that whenever there is natural calamity, all technology failed at nuclear installations as was seen in Fukushima, Japan.