Washington: The Obama administration has overruled the proposal of making any change in its policy with regard to atomic power plants.

It even said that all new constructions under way will not be put on hold.

In view of the Japanese experience, Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Poneman said the US is going to continue to make sure that each and every one of nuclear reactors in the US is as safe as is humanly possible.

There are 104 operating reactors comprising of one-fifths of electricity of the US; 70 per cent of the carbon-free electricity in the US comes from nuclear power.

Poneman said, "From a policy perspective, we will continue to operate our reactors and seek to operate them safely. We will continue to seek to build nuclear into a part of a responsible energy future, and we will repose our confidence in the NRC to make sure that we only do so to the extent that it can be done safely."

Responding to questions about the safety and security of nuclear power plants in the US, chairman of the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Greg Jaczko said US power plants are designed to very high standards for earthquake effects.

"We have a strong safety program in place to deal with seismic events that are likely to happen at any nuclear facility in this country. As we get past this immediate crisis where we continue to provide support to the Japanese, we'll gather information about the specifics of the event," he said.