London: Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway says it was easier for her to shoot the nude scenes for her new film 'One Day' than to master a British accent.
The 28-year-old star, who plays Yorkshire girl Emma in the new movie, admits she was more comfortable stripping off for a skinny dipping scene with co-star Jim Sturgess.
"I was more nervous about the accent than nudity. I mean, you can do sit-ups as prep for the nudity. But there aren't a lot of vocal sit-ups that you can do. Maybe it's because I have more experience in my life being naked than pretending to be British.
"So I got more comfortable quickly with the nudity than I did with the accent," she said.
Hathaway, who was born in New York and raised for most of her childhood in New Jersey, worked hard at mastering the accent but was disappointed that she never dreamt in her British voice.