Third round of e-auction of fancy or VIP registration numbers were concluded on Monday with 23 bidders walking away with numbers of their choice after participating in an online auctioning process.

According to a top transport department official, registration number 0001, with a minimum reserved price fixed at Rs 5 lakh, was sold for Rs 7.70 lakh while the number 0007 was sold for Rs 6.55 lakh.

"In the third round, we received a revenue of Rs 49.20 lakh after auctioning 23 fancy numbers online," the official said.

The official said that the third highest bid of Rs 3.35 lakh was received for 0005 followed by 0003 for Rs 3.10 lakh, 0002 for Rs 3.5 lakh, 0099 for Rs 2.30 lakh.

Apart from these numbers, 0011 registration number was sold for Rs 2 lakh, followed by 4444 for 1.45 lakh, 0100 for Rs 1.10 lakh, 101 for Rs 1 lakh.

"Every month, transport department will hold e-auction for fancy numbers. Motorists wanting to flaunt fancy registration numbers can participate in this auction," he added.

In the first round of e-auction, a fancy vehicle registration number had fetched Delhi government a whopping Rs 12.5 lakh and it had collected a total of over Rs 74 lakh from the excercise.