Only a day left for D-day when the coronary celebrations in five states which went to assembly elections would be announced, but the results of exit poll have almost set the stage for those who would ascend the throne. However, many a time exit poll results appear far cry from the counting outcomes. The leaders of all hues apparently pooh pooh exit poll results though, they start somersaulting over political calculations in order to form the government. No party is, exit poll suggests, in position to form the government on its own in Punjab, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh; so the political pundits are scratching their heads to get the magic figure. There is a powerful spark in UP as all major political parties have declared themselves claimant to form the government. The statement passed by Union Minister and Congress leader Beni Prasad Verma has hit hornet’s nest. According to him, the Congress will play a role of kingmaker and the party should go with the BSP rather than SP because Mayawati is thousand times better than Mulayam Singh Yadav. However, the Congress leaders have rebutted his comment stating that the proposition made by Verma is in personal capacity. One another startling comment made by Jayant Chaudhary, son of RLD chief Ajit Singh, is that there is a possibility of forging alliance between the SP and RLD.

Whatever scene appears after the declaration of results, but if the political parties that were antagonistic to one another before the polls join hands, means ignoring the mandate and a sort of deceiving the people. Fair enough coalition politics have come to the fore, but this does not amount to breaking all democratic decencies. If people’s mandate is not honoured, it means maligning democratic establishment. It would be wise to take some concrete steps to make coalition politics more stable.