However, according to reports, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks not to tinker with the number of free transactions in the rural areas and the existing norms are expected to continue like this here.

Currently, any saving account holder can make five free transactions from the ATMs of other banks but there is no such limit on taking out cash from own-bank ATM. But the existing system is likely to change, as per reports.

Till March 2013, public sector banks had a total of 72,340 branches, out of which around 37, 673 has the facility of onsite ATMs.

In January this year, the Indian Bank Association (IBA) had suggested a change according to which all the ATM transactions, including the own-bank ones, to just five per month, as for the extra transactions, additional security measures are required in the wake of an incident in Bangalore where a person was nastily attacked at the ATM.

The IBA had also recommended to the RBI to not alter the current policy of charging Rs 20 per any transaction that is beyond the limit proposed by it.

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