The expatriate workers coming to Oman from Pakistan, Ethiopia and Egypt have also declined, a media report quoting the latest data released by National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) said.

According to the NCSI data, there has been a decline of 0.1 percent in the count of Indians, who arrived in May, as compared to April. As many as 597,769 Indians were working in Oman in March this year, while they are reduced to 596,226 in April.

According to the data, 596,590 Indians reached Oman in April while they were reduced to 596,226 in May.

Similarly, there has been a drop of 0.6 percent in the count of Pakistanis, 2.9 percent Ethiopians and 0.4 percent slump of Egyptians during the same period, the report said.

"The dip in the number of Indians can be attributed to the change in attitude among south Indian workers, who are unwilling to come to the Gulf. Now, they are not willing to work as hard as they used to do in the past," Abdul Gafoor, who runs a construction company in Oman, told the media.

"They can get better pay in their state itself with fewer hassles. Moreover, the dip can also be attributed to the temporary ban on the recruitment of certain category of workers," he added.

There has been a gradual increase in the number of Bangladeshis arriving in Oman, he further said.


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