New Delhi: Nursery admission has become a nightmarish experience for parents in the national capital, as it is proving an uphill task for them to fulfill the guidelines for enrolling their wards in schools. So, parents are depending more on management quota for enrolling their wards in the schools.

The miseries of the parents could be gauged from the fact that they are unable to reach even 50 percent of the points set by schools for admission. In absence of schools in their localities, they will get less point. Parents could lose alumni and sibling points, if they or their any ward have not ever studied in the same school.

For getting points under management quota (20 to 30 points), they have to give donations to the schools. School authorities rebuff getting donations from parents though, they unofficially accept that fund is needed for development and boosting infrastructure.

Most parents are scoring less in five categories like alumni, single parents, sibling quota, single girl, single child etc.