"As we plan for the coming year, we are focused on looking at long-term solutions, not the crises of the day, but on finding a way to lay the groundwork for security and stability for decades to come," Kerry said in his address to the National Defence University.

Kerry said this year the US, it would be recognised has a critical role to play on the world stage.

Observing that the rest of the world does not pause for the American election cycle, Kerry said US President Barack Obama has directed all across his administration to keep their eyes on the future.

Describing terrorism as a top challenge of the current year, Kerry exuded confidence that Islamic State would be defeated.

"With respect to Daesh, we have, intensified our campaign; first through a 65-member international coalition that we have mobilised to degrade and defeat the terrorist group known as Daesh. ISIL, some people call it, but there is nothing Islamic about it, there's nothing that merits being called a state," he said.

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