"The President spoke to Putin and once again urged him to support peace instead of allowing the provision of arms and materiel across the border and continuing support for militants and separatists who are further destabilizing the situation in Ukraine," said Press Secretary Josh Earnest.
"Though we believe a diplomatic solution is still possible, Russia will face additional costs if we do not see concrete actions to de-escalate the situation," he said.
Both the state heads had the opportunity to visit a little bit when they were in Normandy recently, and they've had a number of phone conversations leading up to that trip to talk about trying to bring stability to the situation in Ukraine, he noted.
"And again, the President reiterated that we would like to see Russia, and President Putin personally, use his influence to try to promote greater peace and stability in eastern Ukraine," he said, adding that US will support the Ukrainian President in his efforts to seek a peaceful resolution to the ongoing crisis.
According to a White House readout of the telephonic conversation, Obama called upon Putin to put pressure on the separatists to abide by the ceasefire and to cut the flow of weapons and materiel across Russia's border into Ukraine.
Obama emphasized that words must be complemented by actions and that the United States is ready to impose further sanctions depending upon circumstances and decision will be taken in coordination with its allies and partners.
Both the leaders also discussed about the removal of chemical weapons in Syria and the ongoing efforts to reach a comprehensive solution to ensure that Iran's nuclear program will be thoroughly peaceful, White House said.


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