Washington: Claiming that the US economy is getting stronger, President Barack Obama, has said it is time that businesses move back their manufacturing from China, as he hit the campaign trail this week.
"The economy is getting stronger and businesses are starting to invest again. In fact, you're starting to see companies that had moved to places like China recognizing why would we abandon the largest market in the world?" Obama said at a campaign event in Seattle, on Thursday.
"Wages are going up in China and workers are getting more productive here -- let's start bringing companies and businesses back," Obama said, adding the country is still got headwinds.
"Europe is still in a difficult state -- partly because they didn’t take some of the decisive steps that we took early on in this recession. Gas prices are still pinching a lot of folks. The housing market is still very weak all across the country.
But the good news is that we have weathered the storm and are in a position now to make sure that the 21st century is the American Century just like the 20th century was," said the US President, who is seeking re-election in November presidential elections.
"But in order to do that, we've got to make good choices. And when I ran in 2008, I did not run just to get the country back to where it was before the crisis -- because there had been problems that had been building for decades," he said.


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