Washington: Sticking to its earlier stated position on withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, White House on Tuesday reiterated that the killing of Osama bin Laden will not have any impact on President Barack Obama's policy on Afghanistan and the US would start withdrawing its troops from the war-torn country on schedule from July this year.

"The administration is, of course,in the process of reviewing the situation on the ground in Afghanistan and the progress that we've made since the surge reached its height.. The President will look at the recommendations from his military commanders for the beginning of that transition in July and the pace of the drawdown" the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters .

"What has not changed at all is the fact that there will be the beginning of that transition, there will be the beginning of a drawdown of those troops" he said in response to a question.

Carney said that bin Laden's death reinforced the fact that the President’s decision to refocus attention on the Af-Pak region has produced tremendous results for national security.

"We had an interlude for a long time, between the invasion of Afghanistan and the arrival of this president in office, where the principal focus in the national security sense of the administration was on Iraq, and not on Afghanistan and Al Qaida central. And the shift was important for not just  elimination of Osama bin Laden, but a lot of other clear victories in that fight" Carney said.

"Our agenda, the President's agenda has not changed at all in the last eight days. This was on his agenda, very high up, getting Osama bin Laden, but there are a lot of other issues also ." he said.