Washington: The White House on Monday rowed back on earlier plans for US President Barack Obama to visit Pakistan this year.

Last October, Obama committed himself to visiting Pakistan in 2011, but those plans now appear to be in flux as relations become increasingly strained by suspicions over who in Islamabad knew what about Laden's whereabouts.

"No visit to Pakistan is on his schedule at this point," White House National Security Advisor Tom Donilon said.

Obama has said Laden, who was killed by US commandos in a garrison town just two hour drive from Islamabad, must have had ‘some sort of support network’ but it was not clear if the Pakistani government was involved.

For a decade, Islamabad has been America's wary Afghan war ally, despite widespread public opposition and militant bomb attacks across the nuclear-armed country that has killed several thousand people.

Pakistan has never been fully trusted by either Kabul or Washington, which accuse its powerful military of fostering the Afghan Taliban it spawned during the 1980s resistance to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.