Washington: US President Barack Obama holds a massive lead over his presumptive Republican rival Mitt Romney in the crucial state of California, according to a poll on Tuesday, even as the presidential race between them at the national level is said to be a close one.

According to a USC Dornsife /Los Angeles Times poll of registered voters in the state, Obama's lead over Romney is 56 percent to 37 percent.

"The potent mix of voters that has powered Democratic presidential victories in California for a generation overwhelmingly supports Obama's bid for re-election, forming a demographic wall blocking Republican Mitt Romney from the biggest pot of electoral votes available in November," a newspaper reported following the survey.

Although Romney has made up ground nationally since the primary season essentially ended in April, he has not improved his standing in California against Obama, the report said.

According to the daily, Obama's voters were mobilised by support for him, unlike many of Romney's voters. Less than half of Romney backers said they were casting a ballot in order to vote for him, while the majority was doing so to vote against Obama.

Among Obama voters, 83 percent were voting for the President, and 15 percent were motivated by disdain for Romney. However at the national level, the Obama-Romney race is appearing to be headed for a close finish.

According to RealClearPolitics.com which compiles all the major election polls, Obama national lead over Romney is just two percent, which comes within the margin of error.


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