"Hello, Facebook! I finally got my very own page," Obama said, nearly six months after joining Twitter. "I hope you'll think of this as a place where we can have real conversations about the most important issues facing our country – a place where you can hear directly from me, and share your own thoughts and stories. (You can expect some just-for-fun stuff, too.)," he cited.

In a video, Obama, 54, also takes Facebook users on a walk through his back yard at the White House and calling on Americans 'to preserve this beautiful planet of ours'.

"Not only do I want future presidents to be able to take walks like this," Obama said ahead of the Paris Climate Summit where the US has said it would push for an ambitious climate change agreement.

"I want to make sure that the American people are able to enjoy the incredible national parks, incredible beauty, the mountains, the oceans, that have been one of the greatest gifts we've ever received," he added.

Obama says he chose Facebook because 'at a time when nearly three in four adults online use Facebook, this feels like a great place to do it'.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg soon welcomed Obama on the popular social networking site. "Welcome, President Obama! I'm excited that you've joined our community, and I look forward to seeing how you engage with people here on Facebook," Zuckerberg cited.

The 'Barack Obama' Facebook account, which has over 45 million followers, continues to be run by Organizing for Action.

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