Washington: US President Barack Obama and his Afghan counterpart Hamid Karzai discussed on a video conference progress towards a full security transition in Afghanistan and the importance of reaching a political solution to the conflict.

During a video conference that lasted about 30 minutes the two leaders also talked about an upcoming international conference on Afghanistan in Bonn.

"The two leaders looked ahead to important upcoming international meetings in Istanbul and in Bonn, and agreed to maintain their close consultations going forward," the White House said in a statement after the video conference.

Obama and Karzai discussed progress by coalition and Afghan National Security forces as security responsibility transitions towards a full Afghan lead in 2014, and their work together to forge a long-term strategic partnership, among other issues.

On Thursday Obama had his first video conference with the new envoy to Afghanistan, Ryan Crocker, and General John Allen, the new commander of US and NATO forces in the country.

"The newly arrived team of US leaders in Kabul underscored the continuing momentum of the coalition campaign, development of the Afghan National Security Forces, and support to the Afghan government as they transition to the lead in security," the White House said.

"The President again reaffirmed his commitment to a political solution in Afghanistan and expressed support for the regional engagement agenda laid out by Secretary Clinton, to include a productive international meeting at Bonn in December 2011," the White House said