"My main message today is,  We're not going back," Obama said in his speech on affordable health care act.
Because of the Affordable Care Act, more than seven million seniors and Americans with disabilities have saved an average of USD 1,200 on their prescription medicine, he said.
"This year alone, 8.5 million families have actually gotten an average of USD 100 back from their insurance company. Health care costs are rising at the slowest rate in 50 years. So we're actually bending the cost of health care overall, which benefits everybody," he said.
Obama said the glitch-riven debut of the project will be fixed to achieve the ultimate aim.
"We are going to keep on working to fix whatever problems come up in any startup, any launch of a project this big that has an impact on one-sixth of our economy, whatever comes up we're going to just fix it because we know that the ultimate goal, the ultimate aim, is to make sure that people have basic security and the foundation for the good health that they need," Obama said.
Responding to the critics of the Obama care, the US President said that such people have already convinced themselves that the law has failed, regardless of the evidence.
"I would advise them to check with the people who are here today and the people that they represent all across the country whose lives have been changed for the better by the Affordable Care Act," he said.
"We believe that, in America, nobody should have to worry about going broke just because somebody in their family or they get sick. We believe that nobody should have to choose between putting food on their kids’ table or taking them to see a doctor," he said.
"We believe we're a better country than a country where we allow, every day, 14,000 Americans to lose their health coverage; or where every year, tens of thousands of Americans died because they didn't have health care; or where out-of-pocket costs drove millions of citizens into poverty in the wealthiest nation on Earth," Obama added.


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