"In order to grow the economy, we have got to have energy. In fact, there are countries like India where it is even more desperate," Obama said in his address to the Democratic Governors at the White House.

"And if we are not giving them options, if the only message we have for them is, 'Stay poor,' then we are not going to solve the problem," Obama said.

Observing that this is not an either/or issue, Obama said: "We have got to grow the economy, which means we have got to produce energy and we've got to deal with climate change.''

In his speech, Obama stressed the need of passing on the clean coal technologies to countries like India.

"I want India and China to know how to use clean coal, because they're going to be building coal plants anyway. And if we've got technology that can help make sure that it is not emitting huge amounts of carbon, all the better," Obama said.

After coming into office, Obama said his administration has invested in technologies to capture carbon from coal-fired plants.

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