Washington: US President Barack Obama is likely to announce the drawdown of American troops from Afghanistan on Wednesday, senior administration officials said.

However, the White House insisted that Obama has made no decision so far, but said the decision on it would be made "very soon".

"The President is still in the process of finalising his decision on the pace and scope of the drawdown that will begin in July of 2011," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters.

Diplomats from various countries in the knowhow of information being shared by the Obama Administration, said the withdrawal was likely to be equivalent to the 30,000 surge announced by Obama in December 2009. Currently there are about 100,000 US troops serving in Afghanistan.

Obama’s top commander for Afghanistan, General David Patraeus, is in Washington this week, giving rise to the speculation that the announcement is imminent. The Pentagon too refused to entertain questions related to the announcement.

"He (Obama) has had a number of consultations with his national security team, all members from, obviously, his uniform command, his civilian leadership, rather than all the principals on the national security team. He is continuing onsultations and will make an announcement soon," Carney said.

He said there has been significant progress in disrupting or halting the momentum of the Taliban and in stabilising Afghanistan and the government to allow Afghan national security forces to build up, to train and prepare for taking over the lead.

"So he looks at this decision as a part of the process, of a policy he put in motion in Dec  2009. He said at the time that he would begin the drawdown of the forces in July 2011. That will happen; the pace and scope of that will depend on his assessment of how far we have come in achieving the goals that he set out," he added.